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Island House

Unashamedly contemporary, and in our 'Island Modern' style, the Island House combines modern living with traditional island materials. Still rooted in Hebridean history it uses traditional building materials such as local stone and turf covered roofs with a rust coloured pop-out window. It fuses this with a modern aesthetic to bring island living dramatically into the 21st century.

This house sits on a natural plateau, set against a backdrop of Lewisian gneiss cliffs with panoramic views over a lochan to the south and a more focussed view of the Atlantic to the north.

The Island House is located on a small island accessed by a short bridge crossing from the Lewis mainland.

Construction work has recently started.

Crior 003 (2).jpg

Site above lochan with Atlantic coast beyond

Crior 001.jpg

View of site in foreground with lochan

2020-04-22 16.06.19.jpg

Bosta beach nearby

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