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Leverburgh Shop - Construction 2018

This project is the redevelopment of a post office in Harris. It is proposed that a more traditional pitched roof be added to the existing building to form a 1-1/2 story building. This massing decision echoes the traditional island built form of the former Post Office’s immediate neighbour whilst also lessening the impact of the change in level between these two buildings. The roof ridge levels will be similar.

Careful consideration was given to the choice and colour of materials proposed for the redeveloped building. It was noted that several commercial buildings in Leverburgh used coloured sheeting material as an external finish.  As a commercial building a simple commercial cladding material seems appropriate. The proximity to property boundaries means that there is a requirement for fire -proof external materials, so the cement based Eternit board performs this function well. 
The character of the proposed building is paired down and understated, similar to shed like structures found throughout the islands, but detailed in a contemporary manner suitable for a  21st century building within a National Scenic Area.

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